Same As U's Miles for a Mission with Cathy Huff

Same As U is Raising Funds & Getting Fit! 

The Same As U student body is diverse including people with Down syndrome, on the autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, Williams syndrome, and/or those experiencing cognitive disabilities. 

On January 27th & 28th, Same As U invites you to join us as we bike, walk, and run for a mission! You can participate at home or the gym for as many miles you choose. Not able to physically participate? No problem. You can still be a part of the fun!

We are seeking your support to help these young adults live the life they imagine. 

Set in a college-like atmosphere, Same As U serves students by providing continuing education, recreational opportunities and building social and life skills. Today over 80 students from Hamilton and surrounding counties call Same As U their college! Your support will help Same As U stay strong and expand its programming to reach even more young adults. 

For our students, life after high school can be very difficult. Suddenly, these young adults have aged out of many, if not all, of the programs that helped them find purpose and stay connected. Much of this population finds themselves with too much time at home alone, isolated from the world, and at risk for depression. 

Same As U is filling the need for meaningful programming that often ends after exiting high school and giving these young adults opportunities to retain and refine their skills in a rich community that reminds them they have purpose and self-worth. 

Disability or not, these young adults imagine their lives being the same as individuals without disabilities. We all have a need to be connected. Will you join our mission on January 27 & 28th as we rack up our miles and help young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities live the life they imagine? 

Why January 27th & January 28th?

Hi! I’m Cathy Huff and I’m blessed to be the Aunt of a Same As U student, Hannah Bischoff. I also happen to be an active Peloton member and cyclist.  Each quarter, there’s an event within the Peloton community called Pelofondo – it’s a 48 hour endurance event that individuals and teams participate in all over the world. The first event this year is January 27-28. This will be my 11th time participating and I’ll be attempting 100 miles.  Instead of just biking 100 miles for myself, I want the miles counted towards a purpose.  And what better purpose than supporting Same As U – a safe place providing post high school education and connection for students like Hannah. 

Peloton’s tagline is “Together We Go Far” – I’m hoping many more will join me to go far on the weekend of January 27.  It’s also that time of year where we all make resolutions to be more active and focus on our health and fitness. Let’s go far together - whether you’re already a Peloton member, want to bike indoors or outdoors, would rather walk or run, or would just like to share our link and help us raise funds…all are welcome! 

How Do I Participate in Same As U’s Miles for a Mission?

1. If you need an excuse to go to the gym, here it is! Go workout and ask your friends to support your efforts by making a donation to Same As U. Every mile counts!

2. Rather not bike, walk, or run? No problem.  Thanks to Dan Gilchrist at Play It Again Sports for loaning stationary bikes. Same As U students will be participating as a team and you can support them by donating to Same As U.

3. Follow Same As U on Social Media.

4. Share your updates and/or Same As U's updates on social media with the hashtags #SameAsU, #ItsMyCollege, & "TogetherWeGoFar".

5. Have Fun!

Thanks to our friends at Play it Again Sports for your support!